How to Make Money as a Teenager at Home in 2020

Make Money as a Teenager

This is huge issue for every teenager to how to make money ,So I put my some ideas who’s am using to make money as a teenager.

 Make Money as a Teenager

Hey guys ,welcome back to another article . today’s video I’m going to be sharing more than 8 ways that you can make money at home as a teenager and are actually legit not like sketchy surveys or all the other basic ideas you’ve already heard so if you want to see that they just keep on watching I’ve actually used over half.

These ideas myself and made some good money so this is legit and these are probably the best ways to make money the first way is they’re signing up for affiliate programs almost all websites have them probably even your favorite stores do you just sign up and then they give you a link or code and you share that with other people and when they purchase through that link or through using that code they usually get a discount off their purchase and then you make a small commission off of what they.

Make Money as a Teenager

1. If you look in my my youtube description box I do have a couple links and codes down there that are affiliate links and they’re all coupon codes so if you ever need a coupon code just look in my description and there are.

2. The next way that you can make money is not talked about nearly enough on you to Navistar website called the red bubble. You’ve probably used red bubble or at least heard of it all.

you have to do is design a unique image or graphic uploaded to their website and then they turn into stickers shirts blankets mugs any product you can even think of and then when someone purchases a product with your image on it you make a commission this is a really good way to make money if you are more artistic or good graphic designer and it’s really fun and I’ve made like over $100 on this so it’s a really good idea.

3. you can make money is through apps store you scan your receipts and then they give you cash back I found the best apps for this architectural wards where you scan your receipt and then they give you points and then you can trade in those points for gift cards and other offers.

I have a sign up link in my description where you can get I’m pretty sure it’s $2 or 2000 points just for signing up which is a really good deal. And then the other after that I really like is crying out for this after they pay you in real money not give points to get gift cards so you scan your receipt just like all the other ones and then they give you some money for it and then you can cast it out to your bank account or to your PayPal and other things like that and I also have another sign up for that one where you get $2.

4. The another way is you can babysit especially right now with the whole Cortina might be a little bit harder but I know it would take the stress off of a lot of parents are having to work at home especially with little kids that he’s going to daycare so if you could just relieve some of the stress and look after the kids for them it might not be the easiest thing to do right now because of the stay at home but especially once it’s over it’s a really good way to make money

5. by selling things that you made yourself like creating an Etsy shop is a really good idea or you could create your own website or sell off the Instagram if there’s something that you’re really good at making like maybe like to make scrunchies or clothes or you’re really good at painting you can sell those things and people will buy them. And if you don’t know how to make anything there are tons of tutorials on you too you can just watch someone figure out which thing you want to sell and then start a business the next thing that you can do is sell your old clothes.

I know everyone says to do this but it is a good idea and there are tons of apps the one I use is KeePass but there’s posh mark mark cari eBay Facebook market place so depending on what type of thing you’re selling you can use those different apps to sell them and maybe if you don’t want to sell clothes you can sell old video games for furniture your shoes literally anything and someone would probably buy it the next thing is for.

if you’re a little bit older and you have a car and that is to deliver food through uber eats GrubHub Postmates doordash there’s so many programs and now more than ever everyone needs to order food because you can’t go to restaurants so there’s a high demand for those people that drive the food to different places. So if you have a car and you’re eligible you should definitely do that.

6. make money is through a website called Fiverr and you can place an ad saying Hey I have this certain scale maybe your skill as editing voiceovers anything like that graphic design website designing if you have a skill you can place an ad and say I’m charging this amounts to do this and someone will buy it and I think they also can list ads where people are like I need someone to do this for me and I’ll pay you this amount so that’s a really good way to make money especially because you have a lot of time on your hands the one.

7. Google AdSense you can either start a YouTube channel or blog depending on what your skills are for YouTube channel you do have to like it grow to a certain amount or get like a certain amount of years before you can monetize but that shouldn’t be too hard with all the time we have and there’s so many you tube videos out there that.

Hope you make your own channel and tell you how to grow or you can start a blog so you can post anything that you want on your blog and if someone searches for something and you have a blog post about it they click on it and you have ads on your blog then you get paid.

8. And the last place to make money is through online surveys which I know are kind of sketchy and not very reliable but out of all the apps and websites there are 2 that I’ve tried that seem to work the best for me the first one is an app called one Q.

And basically they’re fairly short surveys and they pay you like $0.50 to $2 per survey I’ve done this and I’ve made it like 5 Bucks is and it’s not a lot but I don’t do it very often and the good thing about this app is that there’s no certain amount of money you have to reach to cash out.

They pay it to you right away to your PayPal which is really nice and the second survey office called surveys on the go and they don’t pay like one cents per survey they pay like $0.50 to $1 per survey which is really nice you do have to reach $10 before you can cash out but that’s not too bad because they do pay you pretty well for doing each service.